Dr. Borkowski far exceeded my expectations for my facelift. I selected him initially because of his honest and open discussion with me on all the details of what I can expect to achieve and the risks involved. Form his experience and Board certification, plus the discussions with him pre-op, I felt more and more comfortable. The results are perfect for me. Couldn’t ask for a better job! Also, the care and attention given during the post-op days immediately following and or the first several weeks was extensive. Another facet of Dr. Borkowski’s practice I really appreciated is that he does the procedure in state certified operating room right in his offices. This is SO much more convenient and less stressful than checking into a hospital for the procedure. Also, the other physician I consulted with that used hospital facilities had to include an additional $3600 charge for the fee paid to the hospital! The office was uncrowded, never had a wait for the appointment, and the staff are super efficient and friendly.

I Love my lips! You did a fabulous job on them and in the two areas where the lines were bothering me. They are filled in nicely. It really looks great! My mother is very happy also. Thanks again,


Thank you for all that you did for me. Calming me down when I thought things were not going right. Seeing me on your vacation, next time go out of the country! Just in general, taking great care of me when I couldn’t. Thank you again for everything!


Thank you for 5 years of expert care and skillful operations. The results are superb and truly appreciated.


Thank you so much for your expertise, skill, and kindness this year. I deeply appreciate your professional care.


My eye looks so much better!! You are the best! My face looks great! Thank you for being one of the best, nicest doctors I have known. Really, you are a rarity!

Everyone – physicians, medical personnel, and office staff could not have been better. Phone calls with questions are always promptly returned.