Nursing Personnel

Any type of surgery is a complex endeavor, and it requires a large support team of medical professionals to ensure that the surgery runs smoothly. Operating room and recovery nurses are experienced registered nurses who are specialty trained healthcare professionals who ensure that patients receive proper care and attention.

Laureen Cannata, RN, Scrub Nurse
Laureen is a registered nurse with an Associate in Science degree who has worked in the medical field since 1981. She has been a member of the Association of Registered Nurses since 1990. Laureen works in a dual capacity as the intake Nurse and Perioperative/Scrub nurse. Laureen prides herself with compassionate patient centered care and education. The day before your surgery Laureen will take your medical history, answer any of your questions and be the liaison between yourself and Dr. Borkowski. As a perioperative nurse Laureen helps to prepare patients prior to surgery. Once in the operating room Laureen is a specially trained nurse who works with the surgeon and the medical team. She helps provide valuable care and monitoring for patients. Laureen is an extremely valuable member of the surgical team, providing support in the operating room and patient care outside of it as well. Personal attention is the trademark of this practice; Laureen is thoughtful, understanding, and always strives to provide patients with the best care possible.

Gina Cozean, RN Circulating/Recovery Nurse
Gina is a registered nurse with a Bachelors Degree in nursing and has worked in the medical field since 1995. She circulates in the operating room as well as monitors patients in the recovery room. As circulating nurse, Gina works on the perimeter of the operating room, monitoring patient care, assisting the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the perioperative/scrub nurse, ensuring that the room stays sterile, and keeping track of instruments and sponges. As your recovery nurse she ensures that, postoperatively, you receive proper care and attention and provide helpful home-care instructions before you return home. As your recovery nurse she will monitor your vital signs, continuously monitor your condition, and provide any necessary intervention to assure a safe recovery. Her compassion and bright, energetic personality is just one of her strengths. Gina is dedicated to providing the safest, most private and personal care possible. She understands the anxieties and concerns many patients face and works hard to make sure every patient feels like they are special and she will work at great lengths to achieve that goal.