Information technology has brought us many benefits, but not without associated risks. At Mid State MD, LLC and Personal Choice Surgical Center we take the confidential nature of your visit very seriously. Whether you are contacting us by phone, visiting on the internet, or consulting in person we treat any communication as a personal matter. Your records, pictures, financial situation and personal aesthetic decisions are your own (excluding financial planning where third parties are assumed.) None of your information will ever be shared without your written consent. We have taken the necessary industry recognized safeguards to protect your privacy through HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) meaning any personally identifiable information you have provided us with is secure against any loss, misuse or unauthorized use.

You can trust that our staff has been specifically trained in privacy protocol. The business area, clinical area, and surgery center have been designed with your comfort, safety and privacy in mind. If there is a circumstance under which you want us to take additional steps with regard to your privacy, please contact our practice manager, Joanne Margnelli and she will be happy to accommodate your request.