Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are most often used to improve aging, weathered or sun damaged skin, certain skin pigmentation problems, and acne. A variety of chemical agents, usually acids, are used to modify the different layers of the skin. The depth of the peel can vary from superficial to deep depending on the condition to be treated and the length of downtime the patient is willing to put up with. Most peels are superficial and are used to treated mildly weathered skin or give the patient a temporary glow. The treated area usually heals in a week and can be repeated as necessary. Deeply weathered leathery skin requires a deeper peel to achieve any significant improvement. And while healing will occur within one to two weeks, the skin can be red for several months requiring the use of camouflage makeup. Chemical peels are not restricted to the face, but can be used to treat similar problems on the chest, back, and hands. While superficial peels are only moderately uncomfortable, deeper peels may require sedation, a service offered at Personal Choice Surgical Center, LLC.