Thigh Lift

(or Reduction)

A thigh lift and thigh reduction is the removal of excess skin and fat to improve the contour and proportion of the thighs to the torso. It is not always possible with weight control and exercise to achieve the body image you desire. Aging, fluctuations in weight, genetics, and pregnancy will affect the appearance of this area of your body. As with all procedures in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery there is no one operation that fits all patients. Variables include body shape and size, location of the loose tissues (inside thighs, outside thighs, knees, or a combination of all of the above), weight, weight loss, stretch marks, amount of fat, the patient’s health, etc. Incisions can be localized to the upper inner thigh in the groin and extending to the buttock, or down the inside of the thigh to the knee, or around the waist and back, or a combination of these. The circumferential body lift is the most complex of these procedures and is usually performed for patients with massive weight loss or severe genetic disproportion. Complications run the gamut of simple to complex. Simple and moderately complex procedures can be performed as an outpatient in our Personal Choice Surgical Center, while more complex procedures require general anesthesia, are performed in a hospital, and may require several days of hospitalization. Dr. Borkowski will help you to understand which, if any, procedure will benefit you with a thorough review of risks and reasonable results.